A New Age of Influence: The Rise of the Micro Influencers

January 24, 2019




Influencer Marketing is not something new at all in the world of marketing. With more than 40% of the population in Indonesia accessing social media, making use of influencer marketing is substantial for social media campaigns and online strategies. Most people’s preconceptions of influencer marketing is that of hiring people with thousands of followers. Working with an influencer with a large number of audience might look attractive to your marketing plan. However, that is not always the case as some micro-influencers are able to give more engagement even with fewer followers. Because of this particular characteristic, micro-influencers should be considered as part of influencer marketing campaigns.


What is a Micro-influencer?


Social media influencers can be classified based on how broad they can deliver content to a target audience. The well-known actors, actresses, and athletes who usually have more than 500,000 followers on Instagram fall are considered macro-influencers as they have a wide reach. So, what is a micro-influencer? At Gushcloud, we define micro-influencers as social media users who have around 10,000 to 100,000 followers. This group of people may have a small reach of audience, but they have a specific niche and deeply engaged audiences.


Why is it necessary to work with Micro-influencers?


Working with micro-influencers might not be the top of mind due to the smaller number of audiences than celebrities’. Nevertheless, there are plenty of advantages in using micro-influencers for a social media campaign.


  • Trustworthy

Micro-influencers usually have their own specialization and the specific topic they are expert in. This makes them relevant to the audience. It’s close relationship with their audience and their specialization in a particular topic that boost their level of authority, which can subsequently give the brands that they endorse a lift in credibility.

  • Cost-effective

A brand can get more influencers and more engagements by spending the same budget for one celebrity, and the performance of the content will relatively be the same.

  • High engagement rate

Micro-influencers often have very high engagements with their followers. They are niche and their audience most likely trust their recommendation.

  • Strong relationship

Micro-influencers have smaller communities and they have built a close relationship with their audience.



A case study on the success of micro influencer marketing




Recently, there has been a new food trend going on that was started by Andrea Gunawan (@catwomanizer), an independent image consultant and a dating coach based in Jakarta. In her daily life on Instagram, she frequently shares any kind of recommendations – from food to fashion to dating tips and controversial issues. Her followers trust her and reach out to her for advice. Andrea built a close relationship with her audience as she replies and shares her views on any topic through direct messaging.




Earlier this month, Andrea shared a new way of enjoying a well-known biscuit brand, Marie Regal. She loved mixing it with Bear Brand, a milk brand from Nestle.




In less than 24 hours, her video went viral both on Twitter and Instagram as her followers started to try combining the two products and sharing it online. Up to this date, there are more than 250 tweets and 900 Instagram posts about this food experiment. This craze was highly advantageous to Marie Regal and Bear Brand as the post was not sponsored. Andrea’s authenticity has driven exposure to both brands.


Micro-influencers, although small in the numbers of followers, can give a bigger impact as they are engaging and they are trusted more by their audience. This type of contribution gives brands better mindshare compared to macro-influencers. Working with micro-influencers has helped brands reach out to their target market and interact more with their audiences online. More than the follower count, it is also essential to choose the right personality that will fit the brand.




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